My Resume


My name is Kanji Sano. I am a 18-year-old pre-college student who is currently working on Adobe Photoshop, a digital art program that allows artists for an extension of tools and features to create “stunningly” detailed artwork, and Adobe Animate, a simple but yet viable animation program that users can use to both create and practice 2-D animations. I am learning as a student a high school, “Academy of Arts, Science, and Technology,” and I’m preparing to move to a 2-year high-tech campus, Horry Georgetown Technical College.


Academy for Arts, Science, and Technology (A.A.S.T.)

  • Digital Arts and Promotional Graphics (Digital Communications)
    • Promotional Graphics – I remember creating one of my first works for Digital Communications back in 2015 using Adobe Illustrator. As time went on, I’ve been creating a lot of work from that program and I’m quite surprised by how much I have been connected with the program ever since the first day of DC.
    • Digital Arts – I haven’t been able to get along with Photoshop or other digital programs until 2016. That was the time when I was practicing drawing manga characters. When I completed it, my friend recommended me to “put in some style” by redrawing it in Photoshop. I soon became attached to Photoshop and I’m currently now learning the ascetics and features it has to offer.
  • Web Design (Digital Communications and Good Soil Media)
    • Web Design – While it looks difficult to me since it is mostly about coding, it definitely feels interesting to work on a few pieces just to see how well I am able to build a good webpage.


  • Works well in both Digital Arts and Promotional Graphics
  • Works very slowly most often in times when I work.
  • Seems to lose track sometimes while working.